Postcode Map Generator

To use the free postcode map generator, type or paste a list of postcodes, postcode districts, or postcode areas into the box below, and click 'Get Postcode Map'.

A postcode map will then be generated, and you will be provided with a link to that map, so that you can post it on your website or email it to a friend.

Data Input Format

The data you type into the box at the bottom of the page should be in the following format:

  • Postcodes, for example:
    • M2 5PE
    • SW1A 0AA
    • SA6 7JL
  • Postcode Districts, for example:
    • GU18
    • LE1
    • SN8
  • Postcode Areas, for example (this is the first letters of any postcode, before any digits or spaces):
    • CA
    • DD
    • HR
  • Any mixture of the above, for example:
    • CA
    • GU18
    • SW1A 0AA
    • (Mixed data can be input in any order)

Each item should be placed on a separate line.

Postcode Map Input Form

Please enter your data into the following form and click 'Get Postcode Map'.